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NEW Seminar Series ‘Affective Artefacts’, University of Manchester

It is with great excitement that we announce the start of a new seminar series on ‘Affective Artefacts’, which is going to discuss the agentive and affective qualities of matter, thus, the capacity of materials and things to generate, maintain, and challenge emotional atmospheres. This semester, Kat Hill (Birkbeck), Hannah Newton (Reading), Tim Ingold (Aberdeen), Oliver Harris (Leicester), Katherine Bond (Basel), and Monique Scheer (Tübingen) will present their most recent research (see attached programme).

Bringing together researchers of different disciplinary backgrounds such as anthropologists, archaeologists, art historians, curators, historians and sociologists, the seminar provides a cross-disciplinary platform to exchange views on methods and technologies, to discuss case studies, and to develop and test a shared vocabulary of material culture studies.

The seminar is co-organised by a member of our Materialized Identities Group, Stefan Hanß, and another member of our research group, Katherine Bond, will present her research on veils in this context. If you wish to know more about this seminar series, please contact either Stefan Hanß or Sasha Handley, who both organise this seminar on behalf of the Embodied Emotions research group in Manchester.

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